About Us

About Us

See A Power Point Presentation On How The World Gift Card Program Works.

Electronic Gift and Loyalty Cards

Gift Card Systems, Inc. provides turnkey Gift and/or Loyalty Card programs for your business or organization.

Escape the Paper!

Paper gift certificates lack durability, are easily forgotten or counterfeited, may force the merchant to return cash change on a remaining balance and do not readily convert the patron to a “Loyal” customer.

Instant Activation

Time is money. Encoded plastic cards can be activated for use at the Point of Sale. Choose preset amounts or load the card with the amount the customer desires.

Easy to Manage.

The power of the Internet provides instant reporting of the real time card transactions. Why wait until the end of the day or the month to view card usage?

Customer Friendly

Cardholders can view balances and transaction history online. The Cards are easy to carry and value can be added at any time.