We support several common terminals on which you can run the World Gift Card program at you business. The World Gift Card program in most cases can run along side your credit card or check verification program. The terminals we support are listed below.


Terminal/Software availability

(current models)


VX520 Now Supported

'Flex' application terminals
( program customization available, host changes may require a programming fee)

Hypercom T4100, T4200 series

VeriFone OMNI 3750/3740/3730 and Vx510/570/610

•  dialup
•  TCP/IP & WiFi with installed module
•  Vx670 GPRS wireless (call for details)

Ingenico i5100, i5310

Standard application terminals

TechTrex PrimeTrex

•  dialup
•  TCP/IP with ConverTrex module

Thales Talento

•  dialup only

VeriFone Tranz 380x2

•  World Gift Card and one other application only


(World Gift Card only):

VeriFone Omni 3730LE, Vx510

VeriFone Tranz 330, 380, 420, 460

•  dialup standard
•  TCP/IP must add a terminal server device

Nurit 2085


Software :

worldgiftcard.exe (for use on PC's and PC based POS systems)


InTouch Restaurant system (gift only)

PosiTouch (gift only, distributor considerations apply)

Web Service for Web Sites (e-commerce)


Wireless Gateway :

Apriva call for terminal choices (gateway fees apply)


In Development :

VeriFone/Vivotech contactless

POS middleware solution /emulator




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